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Secret Location
Mar 14

Toronto interactive agency, Secret Location, has a new website — a showcase for all those awards and nominations it keep collecting, including the most recent, an International Digital Emmy® Nomination for the “choose your own adventure” mystery, ENDGAME INTERACTIVE.

Secret Location wrote, directed and programmed a cinematic, interactive episode that offered an immersive way to experience Engame, a TV drama that premiered on Showcase on Monday, March 14, 2011. The online episode seamlessly integrated with users’s Facebook profiles by placing their friends at the centre of a kidnapping. As users engaged in choice points, cryptic messages were posted to their Facebook wall. To exit the experience, users had to share the site, an element built right into the story structure that helped market the show on Facebook.

To date, the site has generated over 450,000 views and introduced a new audience to the show’s characters. Over half the users were engaged in the experience for over 10 minutes.

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