Pizza Pizza Clues Into Brand Integration

Fans of the critically-acclaimed web series, GUIDESTONES, can follow the clues for a chance to win free pizza for a year, as part of a promotional campaign organized by Pizza Pizza and producers iThentic and 3 o’

The campaign gets video-watching Gen Y-ers interacting with the iconic Canadian brand while immersed in a Da Vinci Code-style online mystery that takes place in Canada, the U.S. and India.

The Pizza Pizza Insider campaign features an online contest that gives fans original ways to bonus-up on their entry ballots.

Participants can earn up to 50 extra ballots by finding and entering Pizza Pizza keystone codes hidden throughout the web series. Once found, the codes can be entered into a special Pizza Pizza Insider app (online/Android) that unlocks the bonus.

The Pizza Pizza Insider campaign runs now through July 3, 2012 and is being promoted online via social media and in-store via the Pizza Pizza TV Network.

Pizza Pizza was one of several brands integrated into the GUIDESTONES storyline. Codes and other plot-based puzzles were hidden in Pizza Pizza signage and packaging. Pizza Pizza retail outlets also figure in several scenes of the web series.

According to writer/director/producer, Jay Ferguson, brand integration of this type connects with audiences in a relevant and meaningful way.

“We took an innovative approach to brand integration by weaving Pizza Pizza into the very fabric of the story,” says Ferguson. “The result was a win-win for everyone. Pizza Pizza has a captive audience for their message. And, the audience gets exposed to the brand without being hit over the head with top-down messaging.”


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