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StoryForum Guidestones
May 22

Director Jay Ferguson took to the stage at StoryForm at the Film Society of Lincoln Centre in NYC to discuss his immersive project GUIDESTONES, a 50-episode interactive web series that takes viewers deep inside the mystery of The Georgia Guidestones.

Ferguson’s presentation was part of a special StoryForum “double feature” that also featured Pete Higgin of Sleep No More (PunchDrunk).

StoryForum is a monthly meeting of artists, designers, writers, filmmakers, advertisers, and storytellers organized by StoryCode, New York’s leading transmedia gathering.

In the video (below), Jay discusses the special ARG (alternative reality game) elements that were built into the Guidestones storyline. The unique approach to brand integration adopted by GUIDESTONES is also discussed at length.

Jay’s presentation starts at approximately 18:15 into the video.

Update: Film Society of Lincoln Centre – Guidestones raises the bar



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