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Mar 22

Today is the thirty-second anniversary of the unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones, a large granite monument located in Elbert County, Georgia, and the subject of a new interactive web series produced by iThentic and 3’

GUIDESTONES is a 50-episode thriller that takes viewers deep inside the mystery of The Georgia Guidestones. By following clues hidden in each episode, viewers can solve the mystery of The Guidestones along with the main characters.

I encourage everyone to sign-up and experience GUIDESTONES.

It’s a gloriously geeky thriller that will appeal to gamers, conspiracy buffs and action addicts alike.

To help you along in the sign-up process, iThentic and 3’ have put together this helpful video.

Expect to receive a link to the first episode immediately on sign-up, and then episode links daily as the story unfolds.


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