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Mar 12

The GUIDESTONES team had a blast at ComiCon Toronto where they presented a panel titled “Wanna know how the world will end?” and handed out swag — lots of swag.

Writer/director Jay Ferguson and actors Supinder Wraich and Dan Fox were on hand to present an exclusive sneak peek of the first five episodes and reveal the story of the mysterious woman who was the inspiration for the story.

GUIDESTONES is a fast-paced thriller in the style of The Da Vinci Code but where the audience takes an active role in solving the mystery. By following clues hidden in each episode, viewers can solve the riddle of The Guidestones along with or ahead of the main characters. Episodes are delivered by email in “real time” as the story unfolds.

Sign-up today and you could join thousands of other seekers in solving the mystery of The Georgia Guidestones.

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