Are You Canada’s Smartest Person?


Are you Canada’s smartest person?

Find out this Sunday by tuning into CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON, a prime time event that draws upon the latest research to show that there is more to being smart than having a high IQ.

Four top finalists, chosen through a nation-wide application process, undergo fun and spectacular challenges in each category of smarts. The person who proves they have the most versatile smarts in the country, with strengths across the board, earns the title of Canada’s Smartest Person. Whether it is navigating an “intelligence obstacle course” at breakneck speed, improvising a speech using random words, or deciphering a musical mystery, every kind of smarts will be challenged.

During the broadcast, viewers are able to go head to head with the finalists on their smart phone, tablet or home computer using an innovative and interactive app, developed by Smiley Guy Studios.

The Canada’s Smartest Person app features challenges synchronized in real time. Viewers can put their own wits to the test, discover more about their personal smarts and see how they compare to family members, friends and the rest of the country. Viewers can also prepare for the broadcast by taking a “How Are You Smart” Facebook test designed to identify primary and secondary intelligence strengths. Users can share their “intelligence identity” on social media platforms and invite others to take the test as well.

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